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International Students

We encourage international students to apply to the MA TESOL and offer special services and activities for international students who are accepted to study at UMBC.”

Length of the program at UMBC:

The basic program requires 12 courses to complete. Full-time students can complete the program by taking 3 courses each fall and spring and 1 or 2 courses in the summer. This would enable them to finish in a year and a half. Part-time students taking 2 courses per semester would need 2 and a half years to complete the program. Students interested in taking the certification option should expect to take at least an additional semester to complete the program. The internship experience requires a full academic year, and course loads in addition to the internship should not be too demanding. Students choosing the thesis option should plan on taking an additional semester to complete the program.

Special Assistance:

To help international students adjust to the new academic environment, an experienced graduate student will act as an International Student Liason between international students and the MA TESOL to assist students with concerns they might have, including:


Although housing is ultimately the responsibility of each individual student, the TESOL Office will work with and assist international students in finding roommates and housing both before they leave their home countries and after they arrive at UMBC.

Cross-Cultural Information about UMBC of interest to International Students.

Applying to UMBC

This webpage contains information for international students applying to the MA TESOL program at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC).

Please be sure to read and follow the application directions.


We urge you to take the TOEFL as soon as possible. Admissions decisions cannot be made until the UMBC Graduate School has received the official TOEFL score from Educational Testing Service (ETS).

NOTE: Official TOEFL examination score reports must be sent directly to the UMBC Graduate School from Educational Testing Services (ETS). Photocopied score reports are not acceptable.

The ETS code number for UMBC is 5835.

TOEFL: A minimum of 213 on the computer-based test or 80 on the internet-based test is required.
IELTS: A minimum of 6.5 is required.

Graduate Record Exam (GRE)
An acceptable GRE score is required. Slightly less rigid requirements are set for international applicants for whom more consideration is given for TOEFL scores.

The ETS code number for UMBC is 5835.

Oral Proficiency for Maryland State ESOL Certification

For non-native speakers of English who are interested in working toward Maryland state ESOL certification, near-native oral proficiency in English is required. A specific application for the certification internship must be submitted. 

Financial Resources

Each international student must certify that he/she has sufficient funds (exclusive of travel expenses) for university tuition, fees, books, supplies, and living expenses. For more information see the International Education Services webpage.

Official Transcripts

An official transcript from each college/university you have attended must be sent directly to the UMBC Graduate School.

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