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The Education Department of UMBC

The TESOL Program is housed in the Department of Education at UMBC. In addition to TESOL, the UMBC Education Department offers programs in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, and Secondary Education. It also offers graduate programs in Instructional Systems Development, and STEM teacher training.

The Master's International Program

The Master's International Program is a program by which Peace Corps volunteers can combine their Peace Corps experience with MA coursework. They apply to both the Peace Corps and the MA Program (in our case, in TESOL) at the same time and if they are accepted into both, they begin their MA program. After they have completed enough credits to be able to do research in the field, they begin their PC service. They return to UMBC after that to finish their MA.

More information is available at The Masters International Program.

The Peaceworker Program

The UMBC Shriver Center offers The Peaceworker Program to former (Returned) Peace Corps Volunteers, who want to combine service with their MA work. They receive GAs to do so.

More information is available at Peaceworker Program.

UMBC International/Intercultural Resources

This is a web page which integrates international and intercultural resources on UMBC's campus. It is a collaborative effort, which celebrates the vibrancy and diversity of UMBC by bringing together many departments and organizations in an easy to navigate gateway page. The site is geared toward students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and partner institutions who are interested in learning more about resources and services for the International community. This site encourages cross-campus dialogues and collaborations.

Please go to UMBC International/Intercultural Resources.

Local and International Professional Organizations

The TESOL program has a long history of association with and involvement in local and international professional organizations. Program faculty and students have played active roles in establishing and working with local TESOL affiliates. The program has strong ties with these three professional organizations:

Maryland State Department of Education

The M.A. TESOL Program of UMBC has worked closely with the Maryland State Department of Education to establish the criteria for state certification of ESOL teachers. This has been an on going process as the requirements have become more rigorous. The program continues a close collaboration with State Department personnel.

International Institutions

The TESOL Program of UMBC has developed active working relationships with English teaching institutions around the world. The program advises these institutions, welcomes their students into its program, evaluates the instructional programs of these institutions and teaches courses for them. The program currently is working with the following institutions:






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