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Current UMBC Students

Are you a current UMBC student who is interested in teaching English to speakers of other languages?  Do you seek adventure abroad?  Or would you like to help learners of English in your local community? 

UMBC StudentsWhether you are a current undergraduate or graduate student, the UMBC Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) program offers a variety of pathways to a certificate or master’s degree that will open doors to careers in a variety of settings such as

Information for

Graduate Students
Current UMBC graduate students in any master’s or doctoral program may apply to add the post-baccalaureate certificate in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL PBC) as an additional specialization.  No prior experience in languages, linguistics, or education is required. 

Students complete four courses that offer foundational training in TESOL.  The certificate is perfect for graduate students in various subjects and fields who would like to teach abroad or work in a variety of organizations that serve learners of English.

How to apply:

Undergraduate Students
Two accelerated pathways to teaching English to speakers of other languages graduate study are available to undergraduate students: the Accelerated Bachelors’/Master’s Program (MA TESOL) and the Accelerated Bachelors’/Post-baccalaureate Certificate (TESOL PBC) Program.

Undergraduate students in any major with a GPA of at least 3.0 may apply for the Accelerated Program to begin graduate study early by taking graduate-level TESOL program courses that may be counted for both the bachelor’s and master’s degree or post-baccalaureate certificate.  After graduation, a student may then apply to be admitted to the MA TESOL or the TESOL PBC.  More information about the Accelerated Program is available here.

The benefits of the accelerated pathways include:

Accelerated Bachelor's/Master’s Program
The MA TESOL is an internationally recognized graduate-level professional credential in English language teaching.  Holders of this degree work in teaching and leadership roles locally and worldwide.  The general MA TESOL prepares graduates for work in college/university settings and a range of private, community, government, and non-profit contexts.  A P-12 certification option is available for individuals who plan to teach in public schools.  A thesis option is also available for those who wish to pursue policy or research work, including future doctoral study in applied linguistics, education, or related fields.  Up to three graduate courses (9 credits) with a grade of B or above taken as an undergraduate may be counted towards the MA TESOL, which reduces the time to completion of the master’s degree by one semester.  Read more about the master’s degree options here.

Accelerated Post-baccalaureate Certificate Program
The four-course graduate-level certificate offers foundational training for individuals seeking to enter the field of English language teaching.  It provides preparation for teaching abroad or working in a variety of organizations that serve learners of English.  The certificate can be customized to your career goals as two courses are chosen from the wide range of TESOL courses available.  Up to two graduate courses (6 credits) with a grade of B or above taken as an undergraduate may be counted towards the post-baccalaureate certificate, which reduces time to completion by as much as half.  Please note that the PBC does not lead to initial public school teacher certification; those seeking initial certification should follow the P-12 option of the MA TESOL.  Read more about the certificate here.

How to Apply

Stand-Alone Courses
In addition to the accelerated pathways, it is also possible for undergraduates to take individual graduate-level courses as an undergraduate.  Up to two graduate courses (6 credits) may be transferred to the MA TESOL or TESOL PBC if they have not also been counted towards the completion of another degree.  More information about taking graduate courses as an undergraduate is available here.  Contact TESOL Program Director Professor Francis Hult ( to discuss your interest in taking stand-alone TESOL courses.

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